Table Top Piston Filler Machine

Table Top Piston Filler Machine is designed for various viscous liquids to fill accurate weight within +-00.002 to +-00.05 depend upon volume to be filled. This particular filler is often used when chucks or particles like product like you find in salsa and some sauces need to be filled. This model features a highly precise 3-way valve mechanism with fitted in the hoppers pump head, product cylinder and shut off nozzle. Dismantling and cleaning is completed in a matter of minutes and typically requires no tools. Operator connects a line of flexible tubing into a product stored tank or drum, Adjusts the volume desired to fill and places an empty container under the filling nozzle. With a soft press of foot pedal an exact quantity of product is drawn from hopper and dispensed into the container. Machine stops on each dispense. Replace empty container and press again foot pedal to fill. Continue same for production filling.

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