Tube Sealing Machine

• All types of tubes can be sealed including plastic or laminated tubes.

• Easy adjustment of height according to different tube heights by rotation hand wheels.

• Any tube heights from 100 mm to 250mm can be sealed and trimmed.

• Adjustable heating & sealing time for all tubes.

• Separate panel box consists of different switches and controls such as mains ON-OFF, timers for heating and sealing, push button for trimming, digital heater (temperature) control and batch-coding.

• Adjustable digital temperature controller helps in selecting various temperatures for diverse material of tubes.

• Push button helps in operating solenoid operated trimming and batch coding station.

• Separate air pressure regulator for the machine to maintain air pressure steady.

• Compact and economy model requires small area to occupy.

• Suitable for filling and sealing of laminated tubes, plastic transparent tubes, PP tubes and any cosmetic tubes.

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